Meeting Attendance Policies

Policy statement of the American Ornithologists’ Union

and the Cooper Ornithological Society

Professional Conduct at Stated Meetings and Society-Sponsored Events

The AOU and COS annual meetings are intended to advance our understanding of birds, their management and conservation through the open and honest communication of research and the exchange of ideas.  As scientists and practitioners we work to ensure that the information we communicate at meetings is accurate and reliable and acknowledges the contributions of our colleagues.  We understand that effective communication requires that we treat each other with respect and courtesy in face to face, written and electronic interactions and that we respect the intellectual property of our colleagues.  We represent the field of ornithology and need to behave as professionals to each other, volunteers, society employees, vendors and meeting venue staff.   Meeting participants should be able to engage in open discussions free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


If the occasion arises, that an individual’s behavior interferes with the intent of the societies’ annual meetings, then their actions may be reported to the leadership of the AOU or COS and the society leadership will take appropriate action.