Restaurants within the Oklahoma Memorial Union:

  • Crossroads Restaurant
  • The Laughing Tomato
  • Quiznos
  • Sbarro
  • Starbucks
  • Union Market

We also have some Oklahoma/Norman specialties that you could sample during your stay!

* Designates restaurants with special discounts for conference attendees (see Conference Program)

Restaurants in the Campus Corner district (walking distance from the Union):

Restaurants on Main Street (short drive/long walk):

Restaurants away from Campus (but still worth the trip):

  • Sooner Legends ($$)
    • Adorned with OU memorabilia; many “comfort foods”
  • Big Daddy’s BBQ ($$)
    • just south of Norman; authentic Oklahoma BBQ and experience
  • Van’s Pig Stands ($$)
    • An Oklahoma institution
  • El Taco Loco (¢¢)
    • Food truck; highly authentic Mexican food; occasional free-range/escaped chickens
  • Interurban ($$)
    • American food
  • Misal Bistro ($$)
    • Indian food; specialized for heart healthy, low-fat preparations
  • Old Towne Gyros ($)
    • Mediterranean and lots of it
  • Rudy’s BBQ ($$)
    • Texas-style BBQ attached to a gas station; indoor picnic table seating
  • Penny Hill Deli & Subs ($)
    • Specialty submarine sandwiches
  • Del Rancho ($)
    • A good place to try Oklahoma’s state sandwich – the Chicken-fried Steak
  • Sooner Dairy Lunch ($)
    • An authentic drive-in experience (cash only)
  • Braum’s ($)
    • Oklahoma’s own answer to Dairy Queen (burgers and ice cream anyone?); also is a small grocery store

Watering Holes:

  • Brewhouse
    • Brewery, sports & pool
  • The Blue Bonnet
  • The Deli
    • A live music venue that used to be a deli (showcase windows remain, so bust a move for the whole world to see!)
  • Opie’s
    • A time-warp to the 70’s on one half (wicker chairs, colored lights under the dance floor, shag carpet) and the 80’s on the other half (neon signs galore, new age music, mullets)